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13 Reasons Why Forum

AFBHS Live Stream Regarding “13 Reasons Why”

Adolescent & Family Behavioral Health Services did a live streaming  discussion with our panel of therapists on the issues presented in 13 Reasons Why. The forum is for all parents, mental health providers, and educations.  WOOD TV8 also held a panel discussion on May 17.

AFBHS Recorded on Tuesday, May 9th at 7:00PM – 8:30PM EST

What you can expect:
* Overview of the Netflix Series 13 Reasons Why
* Understand the controversy and dangers
* Moments that could have been teachable during the series
* How to have a conversation with teens about the movie and suicide prevention
* What you need to know about suicide prevention
* Learn coping techniques
* Q & A
* Receive resources



Video without Power Point

Audio with Power Point

WOOD TV8 Panelist Includes Dr. Agnew on May 17, 2017