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Starless Sky

Written for a young adult audience, but adults love it too, Starless Sky is a book I highly recommend.  No, not just because my daughter wrote it when she was just 14 years old and published it at 15.  I recommend Starless Sky because it is a great book for anyone who is experiencing grief and loss.  Paige says it is not like a Nicholas Sparks book that will make you cry a lot.  I however beg to differ, grab a box of Kleenex and prepare to cry and take a journey towards healing.  Starless Sky came from her own experience of losing a best friend, so while the story is not factual, many of the emotions are.

Paige says:
“This isn’t a story about death, but what it truly means to live and our universal struggle for that meaning every day. It captures the familiar tone of teenage angst while Kahlen grows as a person, recreating a better version of herself in which she is not living vicariously through her best friend. The story centers on loss and how it opens her eyes to the world around her and then love which gives her the will and the courage to change it.

What makes the story relatable and unique at the same time are the many topics it covers. It stretches broadly but focuses in on the complexity of life and death, love and pain, redemption and hope, friends and enemies, when to let go and when to hold on, and how the answers to these things are never easy, but worth searching for.”

Grief & Loss, Healing & Encouragement

Starless Sky is a genuine portrayal of grief and loss, yet comforting and filled with hope and expectation. It is a book of encouragement through following the lives of high schoolers.

Starless Sky is about a girl, Kahlen, who is experiencing the loss of a friend. Kahlen feels alone and lonely, but she also gets tired of people feeling sorry for her and giving her sympathetic looks. Going to Dean’s Creek is the only place she finds solace. Well, at least it WAS the only place until Kennley showed up. Now she can’t even find solace there…or can she?

In the midst of loss, there is life; a sentiment Kahlen was not quick to accept. But in the process of the daily routine of school, dropping grades, frustrated parents, and pain, Kahlen begans to gain insights (the kind that comes from fortune cookies or good friends). Her new found wisdom and the strain of dealing with Kennley and his troubling past lead her to an exciting new phase of life.


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