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“Do 25% of the work, get 25% of the results.”

Many years ago, I was a single young woman with a busy career and lots of fun hobbies. One of those hobbies resulted in a broken foot that required months of healing. After two months, the healing slowed and my orthopedic doctor told me that surgery may be required. BUT, he said, let’s try physical therapy first.  I was assigned …

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Cutting to Cope: Follow up Q & A

March is Self Injury Awareness Month Last November Fox 17 aired a segment on Self Injury.  I am following up on that interview by trying to increase awareness and education about self injury by answering some common questions.  Later this month I will share a more detailed interview with the young woman. Please be aware, some of the content of the …

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Self Injury Awareness Day, March 1, 2013

She has everything going for her.  Why would she cut herself?  You are not alone is wondering why.  It is a question many parents and friends ask.  The answer is not as simple as some would assume.  It is not because she just wants attention, or she just wants to manipulate you.  The reasons someone self injures are more complicated that …

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