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“I hope you have a daughter just like you someday!”

“I hope you have a daughter just like you someday!”  I’m not sure how many times I heard those words over the course of my childhood and teen years. Fast forward a lot of years. I now have that daughter; but she is nothing like me. And it’s hard. My daughter is shy, uninterested in sports, has difficulty speaking up for herself, …

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If Your Relationship Is Important To You, Invest In Couples Communication Skills

When you have a relationship and it is important to you, you realize you must invest in it.  When relationships are not maintained, they dissolve. Wether that relationship is in dating, in engagement, or in marriage, communication is important.  Investing now can provide you with years of  returns. Investing in your relationship is no different from hobbies, houses, cars, education, vacations, or stock …

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