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New Year, Same You?

In the United States, the Average Person Lives to 79 Years Old That’s approximately 28,850 days on this earth. That’s 692,400 hours to do something worthwhile. But we make our measuring stick much simpler, a number everyone knows well: 365. What have you done in your last 365 tries, your last 8,760 hours? Did you complete that resolution or the …

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Adolescent’s and New Year’s Resolutions

Adolescents make resolutions too. When is the last time you asked what they wish to do differently in the new year? Many of our clients wish to be more in control of their emotions, but have a fear of rejection, of not being good enough, of not doing it right, of losing control… In The Good Dinosaur, Arlo’s dad told …

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One of the Keys to Happiness is Thankfulness

  During the Thanksgiving it may be difficult to be happy or thankful when feeling the pain of lost.  I personally know the feeling of having two very important people gone; my sister passed three years ago (right after Christmas) and my mom two years ago (shortly before Thanksgiving). My mom frequently led the family prayer, so not having her …

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Marriage advice: Tips for couple’s first Christmas together

Excerpt ofArticle By Terri Finch Hamilton | The Grand Rapids Press Those “First Christmas Together” tree ornaments should come with a warning label: THIS MAY HAPPEN TO YOU: Won’t it be fun, honey, to spend Christmas with my family? Wait. YOUR family? I thought we were spending Christmas with MY family? Um, well, your mom hates me. Well, maybe if …

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