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13 Reasons Why Forum

AFBHS Live Stream Regarding “13 Reasons Why” Adolescent & Family Behavioral Health Services did a live streaming  discussion with our panel of therapists on the issues presented in 13 Reasons Why. The forum is for all parents, mental health providers, and educations.  WOOD TV8 also held a panel discussion on May 17. AFBHS Recorded on Tuesday, May 9th at 7:00PM – 8:30PM EST …

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Holding On Until Sunrise

I believe that most suicidal people do not want to die. What they really want is an end to their suffering and if someone can show them another way, they’ll take it. When I first meet with a client who is suicidal I ask them if this analogy rings true: Does it feel like you are in alone in the …

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Not Just About the Talk: Why I Walk

Out of the Darkness Walk I walk because I want to see people live life abundantly.  I want to see people who thought there was no hope realize they have a life worth living.  I walk because I have seen the quake left behind in families who have had someone commit suicide.  I walk because I see families who live …

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“Dear Dad”

“Dear Dad” A letter no parent ever wants to receive.   A sour feeling came over John’s stomach when he got the call. He wanted to put it off as illness. Bad Chinese take-out at lunch. Maybe someone at work had a bug. Something, anything but the truth. The conversation played through his head again and again, scratching and repeating. …

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