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There are many problems affecting families and couples today, such as child and adolescent behavioral problems, emotional difficulties, or past family patterns that are sometimes difficult to break.

As a therapist who provides couples, marriage, and family therapy, I help couples who are looking to improve a mostly-good relationship as well as couples who feel their marriage is on the line. In counseling, I can help you understand and maximize your strengths so that you can learn what is and is not working in your relationship/family, learn new skills for handling problems, improve your communication so that you can feel heard and validated, improve emotional growth together, and develop a deeper understanding and empathy for each other.

You will find me easy to talk to and fair minded. I look forward to hearing from you and starting on a journey of healing.

What To Expect When Attending Marriage Counseling

You can expect me to be a marriage friendly therapist.  That means I value the institute and union of marriage. My commitment to helping couples is demonstrated not only in my compassion, but in my continued training, education, and consultation so that you receive the best services and tools available.

I believe in preserving marriages and trying to help troubled marriages obtain a state of healthiness. However, I am aware that some people are in toxic relationships that are unhealthy; the safety and dignity of the couple and the family will not be compromised for the sake of preserving the marriage.  While I am not unbiased in my desire to help marriages succeed, I do not make decisions for or against divorce; I respect the rights and decisions of couples.  In addition, I explore with couples how their relationship impacts their children and other significant individuals.

First Sessions

We explore how you might preserve your marriage and identify your therapy goals.  This is generally done using the Gottman Method and assessment tools.  The idea is to first access your relationship, then to establish goals that meet the needs of both people without taking sides, but rather treating you both like individuals with value and fairly.

Subsequent Sessions

Once an assessment, treatment plan and objectives have been established, we identify areas of strengths and areas of concern in your relationship.  We build on the strengths and work towards fixing the concerns.  There may be times in which I meet with one spouse to help that one get unstuck, to flush out things that may be easier to discuss in an individual session, or to gain more of an individual perspective or personal background information.  Individual sessions are not confidential from the other spouse as secrets do not promote unity.  In addition, I give homework assignments to help you maximize the use of your therapy between sessions. I will help you improve your communication and grow together as you journey through many different facets of life stages.

Additional Opportunities

I offer Couples Communication Skills I & II Groups.  The 6-Week groups are set up using an instruction format and do not require personal disclosure.  These Groups provide you with an opportunity to focus on increasing effective communication and conflict resolutions skills.   The Art of Love & Science Weekends are Gottman based workshops offered two times per year and require no public disclosure.  Learn more about the groups and register online.


Couples, Marriage, and Family Therapy Services

  • Abuse Issues
  • Adoption and Foster Care Issues
  • Art & Science of Love Workshop
  • Blended Family Issues
  • Child and Adolescent Emotional and Behavioral Problems
  • Couples Communication Skills Group
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Infertility
  • Infidelity
  • Marriage and Relationship Enhancement
  • Multicultural Family Issues
  • Parent Coordination
  • Parenting
  • Premarital Counseling
  • AND Other Marriage and Relationship Difficulties


Couples Questionnaire

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