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Guide for Parents

Through Their Eyes: A Therapy Guide For Parents has been comprised of interviews, journal entries, and art of adolescent girls and boys who have been willing to share their perspectives in hopes of helping parents understand the needs of adolescents during their journey to emotional wellbeing.

Sometimes, adolescents cannot verbalize what bothers them. They struggle to find their voice. Counseling can provide a safe place to sort out and organize their thoughts. Parents play an important role in helping their children get the most out of counseling and learn skills that last a lifetime. This book is designed to guide you, support you, and provide you with a glimpse of things through their eyes.

Too often adolescents do not believe they are loved by their parents. Yes, even though you have told them you do a million times.

Other times they know they are loved, but are afraid of being a disappointment and hurting their parents.

As parents, you wonder why, you wonder how this can be. You have tried to be supportive, yet you walk away feeling like a failure. Through Their Eyes provides parents with real life, relevant, and useful tools for understanding what your adolescent needs.


“My moms letting me stay—after I told her I wanted to kill myself. No one gives a shit. Nobody is ever going to care.”

“When I go with him she makes me feel guilty. If I don’t go he thinks I hate him. I can’t do this.”

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